East Jerusalem: Prayers, protests, clashes in Jerusalem over Trump declaration

Scuffles occurred between protesters and Israeli security forces in East Jerusalem on Thursday, as demonstrations condemning US President Donald Trump's declaration of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel a day earlier continue to escalate.

SOT, protester (Arabic): "Of course I am here today, I want Al-Quds. I am against he decision made by Trump, because he doesn't have the right. We are occupied. We are occupied. Al-Quds is Arab and it is Islamic. Then Israel comes and makes the laws - no, it is the eternal capital of Palestine, it is not the capital of Israel. Israel is an occupier. They are occupying all of Palestine. From border to border. He [Trump] should have stood by the people of Palestine, not against them. But he is a Zionist. He is a Zionist, not an American. I am telling you, Trump, Al-Quds is Arab. We are here, persevering, together, until the Day of Judgement. We are against this status quo, against this decision. God willing, we are against the coward Arab leaders who stood by the occupation. Salman and all the traitors."

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