Guam: If this was Cali, US would respond differently – Trump using us in N. Korea row, says activist

Assistant Professor of Chamorro Studies at University of Guam Michael Lujan Bevacqua expressed concerns that the US might use Pyongyang's threat to carry out a ballistic missile strike on the US territory of Guam to increase its military presence on the island, during an interview in Hagatna, Saturday.

Bevacqua argued that the US has been seeking to increase its presence on the island and that "there is definitely a fear that the United States would use this threat to argue their need for more training areas, for more firing ranges, for more land, even though they already occupy one third of 212 square miles."

He went on to note Guam's geo-strategic importance for the US not only due to its location, which is considered "the tip of America's spear, levelled towards Asia." The US territory not only "provides a nice base for projecting force, for responding to things in Asia," but also offers a degree of flexibility for the US military on the island, said Bevacqua, as US troops are free from dealing with the local government on the US-controlled territory.

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